i need gimelim for month+

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i need gimelim for month+

הודעהעל ידי batzal » 11 יוני 2010 13:40

sorry that i write in english i have problem with the hebrew.
so i opened a thread here before and i wrote there that i serve as kravi and i cant be there anymore..
so i was in home for like 25dayes that only 3 of them is nifkadot all the others is gimelim.
my gimelim will end in sunday and i need to get gimelim for a long time ,believe me that there is good reason why i need the gimelim but this is long story that i wish to keep for myself.
so anyone have good idea how i get now gimelim for like month?
P.S there is an option to get gimelom from the psichieater in hospital?
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Re: i need gimelim for month+

הודעהעל ידי Cen » 11 יוני 2010 14:07

im almost i the same situation as you and the optimistic way is to go with your parents to the psychiatrist in hospital and to get what you desire

Re: i need gimelim for month+

הודעהעל ידי visitor » 12 יוני 2010 19:51

i thought about the hospital option,but i went there 3 times in the last weeks and i in doubt that my unit doctor will give me 3 119 papers. i heard from friend that biet holim 10 is good place for gimelim because the doctors there are really nice so i thought to take a coin and scratch my back and ask for doctor in biet holim 10 i already have back problems so i guess that he will not take a risk.
but someone have another option?

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